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Cmc, systems for the packaging

Descrizione dell’azienda

Our products

Transport system

Equipment CMC is able to provide different kinds of carriers suitable for every type of application: from transport of small products , delicate and unstable ( such as biscuits , chocolates, candies … ) up to the movements of large products (such as crates, boxes , burdens … ).

Pallet handling

Equipment CMC is able to offer various solutions for the handling and the handling of different types and sizes of pallets, both full and empty. The reliability, ruggedness and ease of maintenance are the basis of the proposed solutions.

Elevators and descenders

Elevators – descenders continuous shelves CMC systems are the systems of elevation and abseiling vertically mainly used in packaging lines, the end of line and logistics.

Diverters and aligners

The diverters and aligners in shoes CMC installations, are particular transport solutions used in process lines and packaging to split or group together in a continuous manner the flow of products, and not packaged.

Curves carpet

The curves in the carpet with the rollers at the ends cylindrical are used for transport in the curve of products of small and medium size, that is not packaged.

System of rotation and tilting

The motor at different speeds CMC Equipment is a device used in packaging lines and palletization to change the orientation of the products.

System for handling and assembly

Costum solution

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