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Powered roller conveyors

The classic transport in motorized rollers for pallet is designed with sturdy metal (both painted in INOX ) able to meet any need of flow; the motion transmission is by means of tangential chain or chain rings with steps and dimensions closely linked to the use case. The attached data sheet seeks to provide all the information needed to identify the optimal solution to different needs.

Chain conveyors

Similarly transport powered roller, CMC systems integrates in its range of products for pallet transport catenary, built in sturdy frames, you can choose the version that steel and painted. Among the major productions CMC catenary systems provides both two-way three-way, the latter allows the transport of heavy loads or products with dimensions not sustainable through the two streets. The attached data sheet is a useful examination to understand the potential of the solution of the chain conveyors.

Shifters 90°

As part of pallet handling, CMC Impianti creates systems translational and handling of trajectories to 90 ° which exploit the interaction of motorized rollers and catenaries; these, through a pneumatic or electromechanical , take charge of the handling of the pallet by the roller, which’, this being placed perpendicularly to the chain, result in the change of direction. The attached data sheet provides use, features and fittings of this solution.

Conveyors with rotary table

The needs to direct the pallets or simply rotate them have pushed CMC systems to develop a flexible and customized able to satisfy a wide range of demands; in particular the use of a motorized roller transport grafted on a rotating stage (up to 360 ° ) moved by way of a fifth wheel suitably dimensioned, allows this automating integrate perfectly in every application; using different versions and features, available in the form of detail, CMC systems can guarantee, with this solution, handling the more flexible your production flows on pallets.

Pallet storage

The accumulation buffer in the production process has always been a fundamental requirement to harmonize production flows; for this purpose CMC Impianti designs and manufactures pallet storage devices such as drives with fully automatic can create stacks of pallet, at the request of the downstream production, they are disimpilate maintaining a constant production flow. The frames and structures are made of painted steel or stainless steel and based on the design specifications that can provide excellent quality and robustness to the system. The combination of different models make the machine fully configurable as detailed in the annex.

Elevators and descender pallets

Pursuing the logic of maximum integration logistics, CMC systems include in its range of products for specific pallets and gripper which, designed with robust chassis is made ​​of painted steel and stainless steel, they are able to harmonize production flows on different levels. The mobile plane ( with handling ascent and descent ) is able to take on board the pallet and take it to the desired altitude in a few instants and in complete safety; the characteristics of detail can be found within the enclosed forms.