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Belt conveyors

The belt conveyors, thanks to their constructive characteristics, are particularly suitable for the transport of products of small dimensions and can be used both with bare packaged products. They are made both in the version in painted steel or stainless steel and, according to their application, Mount the head drive or center ( with the possibility of rotating pens at the ends up to 9 mm in diameter).

Slat conveyors

The slat conveyors are typically used to handle products such as boxes, bundles and boxes. They can be made for both standard painted steel or stainless steel. There are many types of blinds: smooth, with rubber inserts, roller accumulation.


This type of conveyor is mainly used in the transport of crates, boxes and bundles. They can be made either with painted steel structure and stainless steel. The rollers, of various diameters and lengths, can be made ​​of galvanized steel, stainless steel or PVC ( according to the application request) and equipped with clutch to allow the accumulation of products.

Conveyors modular network

The conveyors are made of modular network sturdy metal, either in painted steel or stainless steel. Thanks to their structural characteristics and ease of disassembly of the modular network, this type of conveyor belts is often food applications ( where sanitation plays a major role in the stages of product processing ). There are different types of modular network: smooth, rubberized, to porters, needle roller for accumulation and trackballs for the translatory motion of the products.